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Gratitude, Habits and Positive Intentions: My Interview With Nikki Bowman

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Today is an interview blog with a special guest and she is incredible. I don't know if you know all about this fabulous mama, but I know you are going to love her as much as I do.

Me: Nikki, can you tell my lovely listeners who you are and what you are known for?

Nikki: Well, my name is Nikki. It’s funny, I am a mum of two and my kids are 15 months apart. So those days when we first met were crazy, but we've come a long way. But I think what I'm most known for is building connections and helping moms develop healthy, sustainable habits. For your mind, body, and soul, and I love that.

Me: You are incredible at building connections. I see all your stuff on social media, and you create groups really quickly and organically and without being pushy, which is always super important and lovely. Now I need to share with all of you Nikki wrote a book.

When did you write this book?

Nikki: Kind of funny. It was published on March 7 of 2020. So right before sundown, right before the mad craziness. I created a gratitude Journal. I created this because it's something that I practice all the time, andI wasn't finding the right formula for what I like to do every day, so I decided to make my own. I don't know if you know this, but I always wanted to publish and write books and do things, but I'm someone that procrastinates. Then all of a sudden, this opportunity came to me when someone said they're making subscription box for self-care. The asked if I had something and right away was like,” oh, I do”. But I didn't.So, I decided to just make one and for me, having a deadline to get something done just forced me to do it. It was awesome and it really comes back to the things that I like to practice every day. It's gratitude and affirmations and counting your daily wins. That is what sort of what forced me to get it together and get it done.

Me: How long did it take you to actually create it, once deadline was set? Like how long did it take to get from beginning to end?

Nikki: I would actually say only about 10 hours, which is kind of crazy. Most of it honestly, I had in my head what I wanted to do. I think because it was my first project, I figured like many of us, we can go back and kind of pick at things or do something differently. I have other projects that I'm working on, and that was the hardest part of the whole process. I self-published it on Amazon.

Me: How did you even start? I feel like I'd be like, “google how to self-publish.”

Nikki: I joined Facebook groups and that's what got me into it. I love Facebook for that because there's 100% community that you can reach out to, and. I kind of went through that process and some trial and error and got it together.

Me: That is what I love about Facebook groups. They are not trying to sell you anything. They share their honest opinion and honest experience. Then you can take it or leave it. I want to go into a little bit deeper. Can you share me the title of your book?

Nikki: It's called My Book of Positive intentions.