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About Me

Over 12 years ago I decided I wanted to create a business that I could be home for my kids when  and also feel like I was doing something for me. I ended up starting a number of businesses all that I truly loved, but it was like I kept saying "Okay, what's next?" It took a long time for me to realize that although all of my businesses were unique they had something in common. I was great at building connection, community and creating an amazing experience. When I want to do something I am "all in", I take on the role (must be the performer in me) and play the part. I started The Renaissance Mama for a number of reasons: to support moms that want to make a change in their lives, to build a community of incredible Mamas who are more than just a mom and show my kids what I can do. 

Join the challenge crew! We have a 5-day social media challenge and we want you to be apart of the fun!

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