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The Renaissance Mama

Multi-passionate Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Writer, Speaker, candy lover and one busy mama!

About The Renaissance Mama

Hockey mom, Musical theatre teacher/lover, and past Princess performer

I knew once I had my boys that I needed to find way a way to be at home with them, be a rockstar mom and also keep my sanity. I started a number of businesses and realized they were all unique but had a few very key things in common - Community, Connection and Experience! I teach moms how to make small but mighty changes in their lives that change their overall wellbeing, relationships and in their business.



Knowledge for Every Level


Get Camera Comfortable

Checking the news online

Content & Connection Mini Course


Results Guaranteed

Find Your People

Join the Challenge Crew Community and find your supporters. Share your goals, your wins and your lessons learned. Cheer someone on or send someone some awesome ideas. We all need someone in our corner why not have a whole crew of amazing mamas!

Achieve Personal Goals

Get ready to make a choice and create a difference in your life. We want you to succeed and we want to be there for you step by step in the process. Are you ready to finally makes some of those changes in your life that always end up on the back burner?

Weekly Podcast

It is a little of this, a whole lotta that and a just a pinch of real life busy mama sharing stories that you just can't make up. I love watching moms make changes in their lives and their businesses so that they want jump outta bed in the morning to start the day.

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